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Introduction to the Bitfinex Crypto Trading Platform

ODEM offers, for free, an introduction to the world of cryptocurrencies using the Bitfinex platform.The course covers everything that you will need from depositing fiat, setting up an exchange wallet and different products as well.

Introduction to Bitcoin, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

Cointelligence Academy allows us to offer cryptocurrency education to everyone who wants to learn. Our goal is to educate both technical and non-technical individuals who want to learn blockchain and cryptocurrency-focused topics.

Introduction to Bitcoin, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

Cointelligence Academy

Cointelligence Academy allows us to offer cryptocurrency education to everyone who wants to learn. Our goal is to educate both technical and non-technical individuals who want to learn blockchain and cryptocurrency focused topics.

Crypto Investigator Course - All 5 Modules

Blockchain Intelligence Group

Our Cryptocurrency Investigator Certification Course is your one-stop solution to understanding the world of cryptocurrency, how to reduce your risk associated with that world, and how to investigate crypto crime. Register for the full Course or individual Modules below.

Leadership Career Development

Chart Learning Solutions

This exciting career development course focuses on supporting growth in your current position and preparing you for your next opportunity. In five curated modules, you’ll learn how to establish your value within an organization and how to work most effectively with your peers and colleagues.

Influence Skills

Chart Learning Solutions

This course focuses on developing skills that will support your abilities as a leader. You’ll learn to harness effective techniques for building influence, develop credibility for building trust with your team and create win-win negotiation situations.

Crypto Investigator - Module 3: The Dark Web

Blockchain Intelligence Group

The third module focuses on a deep part of the internet not indexed by search engines that’s referred to as “the dark web.” Here, criminals run marketplaces for the buying and selling of illicit items and cryptocurrencies can be used to transact. As a cryptocurrency investigator, you’ll discover how to source and follow these transactions to track down criminal behavior.

Crypto Investigator - Module 4: Cryptocurrency and the Criminal Element

Blockchain Intelligence Group

In the fourth module you’ll look at the criminal side of cryptocurrency, understanding how the digital currency is used to transact across marketplaces of the dark web and how to identity and track evidence of these transactions.

Crypto Investigator - Module 5: Blockchain Forensics

Blockchain Intelligence Group

In the fifth module, you’ll develop an in-depth understanding of blockchain forensics. You’ll look at the pseudo-anonymous nature of cryptocurrency and how investigators analyze cryptocurrency transactions for illicit activity.

Crypto Investigator - Module 1: Introduction to Cryptocurrency

Blockchain Intelligence Group

The first module delivers a general understanding of what cryptocurrency is, how it functions and how it can be used for both legitimate and illegitimate transactions. You’ll learn about the different types of cryptocurrencies and technical characteristics.

Crypto Investigator - Module 2: The Bitcoin Trail

Blockchain Intelligence Group

The second course module focuses on Bitcoin, the most popular cryptocurrency with global adoption and use. You’ll discover why it was created, how the mining process adds new Bitcoins to the system and how Bitcoins are used to facilitate peer-to-peer transactions across the globe. Finally, you’ll learn about how those transactions can be forensically tracked.

Getting Industry Ready with Blockchain

Abhishek Bhattacharya

This course sets you on a path to explore how Blockchain is revolutionizing several different industries - all at once - and, the skills required to test your mettle there. This course will allow you to take up more technical courses further.

Negotiation: Exploring Win-Win Alternatives, Price Limits and Gambits

Chart Learning Solutions

Explore alternatives by implementing eight win-win strategies, determine buyer price limits, pinpoint underlying needs, ask exploration questions, reduce conflict gaps, uncover buyer price limits, deal with price limitations, and apply 12 strategies for working defensively with “offensive” buyer gambits

Negotiation: Reaching Agreement and Concession Tactics

Chart Learning Solutions

Apply four steps for reaching agreement, implement 10 suggestions on working with concessions, understand key components to the agreement, test your understanding of prime and alternative currencies.

Negotiation: Opening Win-Win Discussions

Chart Learning Solutions

Know the three steps for opening a discussion, understand how to build high trust, select appropriate words for building positive relationships, understand the pitfalls of positional bargaining, discuss how to work with collaborative bundled negotiations.

Negotiation: Introduction to Negotiating and Strategy

Chart Learning Solutions

Understand opportunities for negotiation, know optimal conditions for negotiating, define negotiation, identify the difference between strategy and tactics, explain the difference between negotiation and conflict, apply five conflict management strategies, implement two powerful negotiation strategies—collaboration and compromise.

Negotiation: Planning Effective Negotiations

Chart Learning Solutions

Answer six types of questions before entering negotiations, apply six strategies for increasing your currency power, implement six planning tactics of successful negotiators, and adopt ten behaviors of effective negotiators.

Building Rapport - Building Positive Relationships

Chart Learning Solutions

Apply keys to understanding differences in people, provide an overview of the four relationship styles, understand the four relationship orientations, know how to identify the four relationship styles, apply the four relationship styles for building rapport, pinpoint where relationship problems start, understand what each relationship style needs and wants from social interactions, and employ strategies for increasing behavioral flexibility to create positive interpersonal relationships

Building Rapport - Building Trust and Respect

Chart Learning Solutions

Understand the definition of trust, know the importance of trust when building rapport, discuss how to open an emotional "Trust Fund," maintain rapport when giving or receiving feedback, implement five behaviors that show respect, and apply lessons from the Legend of Two Wolves

Building Rapport - Business Etiquette and Customer Care

Chart Learning Solutions

Understand the definition of rapport, how unconscious rapport affects relationships, the importance of rapport, differences in cultural rapport, apply the connection between rapport and etiquette, identify five myths about manners, calculate the cost of poor etiquette, apply 10 guidelines for good manners, and master the spirit of the Golden Rule, implement the Chart Customer Care Model for strengthening relationships, and apply the Six F’s for going beyond customer expectations

Building Rapport - Confidence in any Situation

Chart Learning Solutions

Understand key concepts that define confidence, know how confidence builds rapport, apply “Strengths Theory” to real-world work situations, understand the three categories of strengths, implement five ways to identify your personal strengths, employ four ways to build strengths confidence in any situation, and apply 11 strategies for managing weaknesses

Building Rapport - Instant Rapport

Chart Learning Solutions

Discover two levels of rapport, apply three skills for building instant rapport when time is short, utilize five tips for working with names, implement five ways to build relational rapport, and turn small talk into SMART Talk

Building Rapport - Greetings and Introductions

Chart Learning Solutions

Understand the definition and importance of rapport, know how unconscious rapport affects relationships, understand differences in cultural rapport, apply the “Everything Counts” rule and First Impressions Point System to sales interactions, understand how the Primacy Effect influences first impressions

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