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Transforming the way we learn, work and grow on a global scale

Invest in your future and not the middleman. ODEM is everything you need to choose a path, get an education and get hired.

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Introduction to Bitcoin, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

Cointelligence Academy allows us to offer cryptocurrency education to everyone who wants to learn. Our goal is to educate both technical and non-technical individuals who want to learn blockchain and cryptocurrency-focused topics.

Disruptor Daily Award Winner

ODEM is the Disruptor Daily award winner for Blockchain in Education Use Case.
Read the future-of-education interview with CEO Rich Maaghul.

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Changing how we learn, teach, work, recruit and train

ODEM for Students & Professionals

Take control of your future and stay ahead of the curve. ODEM offers students affordable learning opportunities from top educators with the expertise in skills that today’s employers actively seek.

ODEM for Educators

Teach on your terms and earn what you deserve. ODEM Educators are compensated based on what really matters: real market demand for teaching in their field of expertise, and delivering excellent educational experiences that yield real results for students.

ODEM for Educational Organizations

Protect your brand and stay on top. ODEM provides educational organizations with a seamless way to facilitate student success and allow students to share verified credentials in a secure digital environment on the blockchain.

ODEM for Employers

Keep your team growing at the speed of innovation. Find your next perfect hire by tapping into a pool of highly-qualified, verified candidates. And, keep everyone moving forward by directly connecting with leading educators to create continuing education that’s custom-built for your workforce.

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Earlier this month, at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology’s (SAIT) convocation ceremony, ODEM made it possible for graduating students have their diplomas also available ...