ODEM Tokens and Platform Settlement

The ODEM Token (ODE) is at the heart of our mission at On-Demand Education Marketplace (ODEM) to make higher education more accessible, affordable and verifiable. ODE acts as a core currency on the ODEM Platform by employing blockchain-based transaction mechanisms that link students, educators and other service providers. Using the ODE utility token on the… read more

New Frontiers and New Use Cases

ODEM and Market Volatility Dear ODEM Supporters, You may be aware that August 2018 has not been kind to investors in Ether and other digital currencies. I want to assure you that the current selloff has not diminished my confidence in On-Demand Education Marketplace or the future of the ODEM Token (ODE). Although ODE has… read more

ODEM and Perpetual Curriculum Royalties

Ensuring that educators receive their fair share of revenue from their teaching and curriculum development is an important goal of On-Demand Education Marketplace. Blockchain technology, the encryption software that underlays digital currencies such as Bitcoin, is increasingly being considered to ensure that intellectual property owners are properly compensated. For example, the music and entertainment industry… read more

New Use Case Explains Program Staking Education Program Staking

On-Demand Education Marketplace is developing a comprehensive list of use-case animations for its ODEM Platform and the ODEM Token digital currency. This is the first in a series of videos that illustrate the ODEM approach to making education more accessible, affordable and verifiable. At the end of this video you will have a solid understanding… read more

ODEM and Staking Providers

At On-Demand Education Marketplace we’re exploring new ways to make education more accessible, affordable and verifiable for students around the world. One tool we’re developing is the ability of benevolent third-party investors to provide access to ODEM academic programs for students who can’t directly handle ODEM Tokens (ODE), our publicly traded utility token. ODE acts… read more

Solutions Engineer for Token Integration

ODEM is the first of its kind decentralized On-Demand Education Marketplace. Through a combination of proven technology and content direction from industry experts, the ODEM platform offers an inclusive trusted, single online community of qualified education providers where participants can create, fulfill, and deliver the ultimate and affordable educational experience. Responsibilities include: Building relationships with… read more

ODEM and Window Seats

At On-Demand Education Marketplace we’re using blockchain technology to empower students to take charge of their education. The blockchain, a decentralized network of digital ledgers and encryption software, allows us to create immutable and shareable records of academic achievement. We’re not only encouraging and enabling lifelong learning at ODEM, we provide students with the tools… read more

ODEM, IBO Partner to Provide Digital Credentials to Refugees

CHIASSO, Switzerland, Aug. 1, 2018 /PRNewswire/ —ODEM, creator of the world’s first On-Demand Education Marketplace, is joining forces with the InternetBar.org Institute and leveraging blockchain technology to provide displaced populations with digitized educational records. Collaboration with the IBO will use cutting-edge cryptographic technology and ODEM systems to deliver blockchain-backed education certificates through mobile devices. “Together we can use the security of blockchain… read more