Dr. Michel Girardin, Creator of Top-Rated Business MOOC, Joins ODEM

ZUG, Switzerland – Nov. 15, 2018 – Dr. Michel Girardin, a consultant and respected lecturer in Macro Economics and Finance at the University of Geneva, is joining On-Demand Education Marketplace, as an educator and strategic advisor. Dr. Girardin managed an Investment Management course for Coursera that has been followed by more than 250,000 students since 2016…. read more

ODEM Partners with SWFT Blockchain for Token Integration

ZUG, Switzerland – Nov. 13, 2018 – ODEM, creator of the On-Demand Education Marketplace, is pleased to announce the successful integration of ODEM Tokens on the SWFT Blockchain digital token swap platform. Alignment with SWFT makes ODEM Tokens easily available to students, educators, and service providers on the ODEM Platform and among the wider cryptocurrency community. Through SWFT’s… read more

ODEM in Your Wallet

At ODEM we’re proud to showcase the ODEM Platform and efforts to protect our supporters and their digital assets. Among our Platform’s features is the Ethereum-based ODEM Token, a utility currency that facilitates payments for academic courses and other services. To ensure the security of ODEM Tokens, we’ve aligned with several reputable companies to offer… read more

ODEM Executives Call on Malta Prime Minister Muscat

VALLETTA, Malta — Nov. 6, 2018 – ODEM CEO Richard Maaghul emerged optimistic about the future of the blockchain industry in Malta after a meeting last week with Joseph Muscat, the country’s Prime Minister. Maaghul, accompanied by Dr. Adel ElMessiry, ODEM’s Chief Technology Mentor, and Johanna Maaghul, the company’s Chief Integrator, congratulated Prime Minister Muscat on… read more