After Graduation, Part 1: Career, Further Education, or Both?

Congratulations on your graduation! You’ve achieved a major life milestone! All of the time and effort you’ve dedicated to education can now be applied to attaining your personal and professional goals. With a world of possibilities open to you, what’s next? Will you pursue further education or jump into your career right away? Both choices… read more

Cryptocurrency Wallets: What You Need to Know

Safety and Security: Your Digital Wallet and the ODEM Platform On our quest to provide lifelong learners with better alternatives to traditional college education, we’ve sought new technological ways of enhancing the educational journey. Blockchain technology is one such alternative. It’s a form of cryptographic software that enables the tamper-proof storage of information such as… read more

SAIT Graduates are First in Canada to Receive Blockchain-Based Certificates

Partnering with ODEM allows graduates to validate their education on the Ethereum blockchain Zug, Switzerland (June 11, 2019) — ODEM, the premier blockchain-based education marketplace, has partnered with the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) to bring digital certificates and diplomas to over 4800 graduating students. The 2019 graduates will receive a cryptographic record of… read more

Improving Education with Digital Trust

3 Ways Blockchain-Based Records Improve the Hiring Process Hiring can be arduous; it’s challenging to find the right candidate who understands your organization’s mission, has the necessary qualifications, and is the right cultural fit. What happens if you find that right person, but then find out that their credentials were misrepresented? It’s a headache employers… read more

The ODEM Marketplace: Defining an Authentic Digital Connection

The ODEM Platform represents a transparent and trusted digital connection for students and educators who use it every day. Through the Marketplace, ODEM helps to make education more affordable, accessible, verifiable, and transferable. ODEM stands for On-Demand Education Marketplace because users can pursue learning experiences at their own pace. Like other digital marketplaces, ODEM connects… read more