ODEM has partnered with SAIT to secure your graduate diplomas and certificates.
Verify your educational experience on blockchain and make it easy for all future employers or schools to confirm your credentials. No more costly registrar requests for your records, or needing to prove what you have accomplished.  


With ODEM, you can easily receive, store, and share your diploma anytime

Easily transfer or share your credentials 

Digital, blockchain-based records are controlled and owned by you 

Instantly verifiable with future employers and recruiters 

Your educational credentials can’t be lost or tampered with

Your records are safe and secure

Demonstrate your understanding of blockchain technology


On the ODEM Platform you can define your skill sets and education. 


Verify your certificates and skills with ODEM

Make your career profile available on the ODEM Employment Network

Share your credentials and skills with employers and recruiters

A verifiable skills profile provides a clear advantage: employers can confirm and understand what an asset you’ll be.


ODEM (On-Demand Education Marketplace) is a platform for seeking and providing education and employment. Our Platform uses the Ethereum blockchain, a distributed network and ledger that secures data records, to support a global, virtual marketplace that connects students, educators, and service providers to deliver courses and programs.

Blockchain technology makes it possible to remove barriers to education, training, and employment because it provides a safe and secure marketplace. ODEM’s marketplace allows educators and companies to interact with students and experienced workers to create customized academic courses.

We’re working to make education and employment more affordable, accessible, verifiable, and transferable. One of the ways we do this is by allowing students to validate and verify their educational credentials on the blockchain, which gives them better control over their records and careers. 

Blockchain technology gives you control over your records. ODEM’s Platform leverages the technology for educational credentials because we believe those documents to be some of the most important you’ll ever receive. You’ll have digital ownership of your diploma, with access to it through your phone or computer. No more applying to the registrar to prove that you graduated.

In the job market, recruiters and employers can quickly electronically verify that your diploma is legitimate. And since the blockchain is immutable, the record can’t be tampered with -- you’ll never have to deal with diploma fraud. 

  • Go to
  • Click “Register” -> “Students.”
  • Fill in the information (required fields are marked with an asterisk) and click “Register.”
  • Go to the email account that you registered with.
  • Click the registration confirmation link that was sent to you (it may be in your junk folder)

Your digital wallet holds the key to access your digital diploma on the Ethereum blockchain. Wallets are also important for buying and selling cryptocurrencies, including Ether (Ethereum’s native token) and the ODEM Token.

  • To create a wallet, log in to our Platform and go to "My Profile."
  • Select the "WALLET" tab and click on “Create a Wallet.” You’ll be directed to
  • Follow the website’s instructions to create a wallet. PDF Wallet Guide.
  • After you’ve obtained your wallet address, paste it into your "Profile" -> "WALLET" tab on our Platform.
  • Make sure you’ve completed the steps in and
  • Generate your Diploma (Certificate)
    • Log on to our Platform.
    • Click “My Profile” and fill out the information within each tab.
    • Go to “Completed Programs.”
    • Click on a program you want to claim the digital diploma from.
    • A window pop-up will prompt you to enter a passphrase of your choice. Click on “SAVE” to encrypt the certificate and generate it on the blockchain. Please keep your passphrase in a safe place. It can’t be retrieved if you forget it.
  • View your certificate
    • Wait about five minutes as the transaction is being confirmed on the blockchain and you’ll see a button titled “VIEW CERTIFICATE.”
    • Click on “VIEW CERTIFICATE” and a pop up window will appear to enter your passphrase.
    • Your certificate will load. Congratulations on receiving your digital diploma!
  • Share your credentials
    • Click on “SHARE MY CREDENTIALS” next to the “VIEW CERTIFICATE” button in step three.
    • A window pop-up will appear for you to enter specific dates of when you would like the viewer to have access to your certificate.
    • Click on “Generate.”
    • Enter the viewer’s email.
    • Click “Send.” 
  • Make sure you’re on a genuine website such as by confirming there’s a padlock icon to the left of the URL.
  • Store passphrases and passwords in a safe location.
  • Double check addresses and passphrases for accuracy.
  • Whenever possible, use two-factor authentication and complex passwords.

Currently you can view your digital credential from a web browser or the ODEM App rather than downloading a copy.

This could be because you’re not using the correct email address to log onto the ODEM Platform. Please use the email you’ve provided to SAIT. To ensure you use the right email, please look out for the first email from ODEM announcing the readiness of your diploma or contact SAIT to rectify.

You don’t need to pay to see your credentials. The online wallet from is free of charge. However, for security purposes, you may want to get a hardware wallet. Hardware wallets are highly recommended over online wallets (soft wallets), especially if you want to store digital assets such as ODEM Tokens. To create a wallet on, you can also follow the video instruction.

In general, it takes few minutes up to an hour for the transaction on the blockchain to complete after generation of your certificate. If after an hour you still see “certificate is not generated yet” please contact [email protected] so we can reset the generation process for you. You can check our video instruction on how to generate the certificate.

A public Ethereum address is like the address of the mailbox at your residential home to receive physical mail. A private Ethereum key is like the key to enter the house you live in. With your public Ethereum address, ODEM will be able to generate the certificate and the hash of it on the blockchain. This record can’t be reversed or tampered. Hence, it provides legitimate proof to show future employers and institutions that you’ve completed your education. To obtain an Ethereum address, please visit and follow the prompt to set one up. Without a valid Ethereum address, you’ll not be able to generate and view your certificate, just like the mail wouldn’t be delivered to your house if you didn’t specify the address.

An email has been sent to each email address that SAIT provided to ODEM. The email contains a verification link which the user would use to authenticate their account, change their password, and log in to the Platform. A student will then be able to change their email address, but not until they’ve logged in.

This is correct! ODEM has already registered the emails you’ve provided SAIT in the ODEM Platform prior to convocation date to upload your certificate information, so a SAIT student will need to reset their password to log in. This verify/authenticate step assures that the credential will only be accessed by you.

You, as a SAIT student will need to click on Completed Programs to generate your certificate. Once you’ve generated your certificate, you’ll be able to view your diploma. This isn’t a transcript for students, only to view their academic diploma.

You will need to use the email address SAIT has provided ODEM. This is the same email address that SAIT sent to you regarding receiving your diploma on the blockchain from ODEM.

Simply reset your password by clicking “Lost Password?” beneath the login screen. Alternatively, you can click the link to access the Platform within the email we sent you.


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