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ODEM – The Full Vision and Pre-Beta Previews

The ODEM Team has been hard at work developing our core ODEM Platform. We’re delighted to share highlights with you from last month’s publication of our technical whitepaper. For those new to the ODEM, we’re creating the world’s first On-Demand Education Marketplace for students and educators to come together in pursuit of exceptional opportunities to… read more

We’ve Filed Provisional Patents!

It should come as no surprise that ODEM, creator of the world’s first On-Demand Education Marketplace, has filed for provisional U.S. patents on two critical elements of our blockchain-based education platform. ODEM, which is headquartered in Switzerland, is using blockchain technology and associated digital tokens to automate the organization and delivery of in-person learning experiences…. read more

Five Top Reasons to Hodl ODEM Tokens

Hodl! That’s no ordinary typo. In the world of cryptocurrency, it means “hold on for dear life,” or “don’t sell your digital tokens too soon.” The crypto-meme’s proliferation inspired us at On-Demand Education Marketplace to come up with five compelling reasons to holdl ODEM Tokens. Critical to the operation of the ODEM Platform, the tokens are central to… read more

ODEM: Keeping Our Promises

“Even a ship going in circles feels fast.” David Cain. On a recent long-distance flight pondered the difference between being busy and getting things done. Sometimes people get so wrapped up in “doing” that they lose sight of the importance of “finishing.” That’s why I want our community at On-Demand Education Marketplace to know that we’re… read more

ODEM Files Patents on Its Blockchain-based Education Marketplace

CHIASSO, Switzerland, May 3, 2018 – ODEM, creator of the world’s first On-Demand Education Marketplace, has filed a provisional U.S. patent application on two critical components of its blockchain-based education platform. ODEM and Dr. Adel ElMessiry, the company’s chief technology mentor, are asserting their ownership rights to the platform’s system of staking, or registering for, academic programs as well… read more

Artificial Intelligence, Robots and Job Security

It seems like barely a week goes by without a headline warning about the risk of unbridled development of artificial intelligence, also known as machine learning. We’re Running Out of Time to Stop Killer Robot Weapons: The Guardian At On-Demand Education Marketplace, we believe mankind must strike a balance between exploiting the benefits of AI… read more

ODEM Publishes Innovative Airdropper Contract for Token Bounty Distribution

Chiasso, Switzerland – April 11, 2018 – ODEM, creator of the world’s first On-Demand Education Marketplace, said it published a new type of airdropper contract for the distribution of more than one million bounty tokens. ODEM’s development of the new airdropper solution saves time and money while also allowing token recipients to confirm their tokens’ pre-published origin… read more

ODEM Completes Crowdsale for Education Platform Development

Chiasso, Switzerland – 3-20-2018 – ODEM, creator of the world’s first On-Demand Education Marketplace, is pleased to announce the successful completion of their crowdsale. Switzerland-based ODEM sold over 100 million ODEM Tokens in the sale that began Feb. 17. Proceeds will be be used to fund ongoing development of the blockchain-based ODEM Platform. A beta version of… read more