ODEM Expands Wallet Selection

At ODEM, we’re working hard to expand the number of trusted crypto wallets that can accommodate ODEM Tokens. To ensure the security of your Tokens and peace of mind, we’re aligning with several more wallets to offer an array of security options. Our most-recent wallet providers include: Trezor – A popular hardware Bitcoin wallet that functions… read more

Connecting with Ken Finch, ODEM’s Head of Business Development

As the ODEM Platform moves toward launch in February 2019, Ken Finch, ODEM’s Head of Business Development, took a few minutes from his busy schedule to provide ODEM Marketing with an overview of his top priorities. Ken, how do you describe On-Demand Education Marketplace to someone unfamiliar with our project? In the most basic sense,… read more

ODEM in Your Wallet

At ODEM we’re proud to showcase the ODEM Platform and efforts to protect our supporters and their digital assets. Among our Platform’s features is the Ethereum-based ODEM Token, a utility currency that facilitates payments for academic courses and other services. To ensure the security of ODEM Tokens, we’ve aligned with several reputable companies to offer… read more

ODEM is Awarding Students Blockchain Certificates

ODEM is making educational records more accessible by granting blockchain certificates to participants in Excelorators’academic programs conducted on the campuses of Harvard University and the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. Forty-two students who recently completed a three-week English as a Second Language course that was presented on Harvard’s campus will receive ODEM certificates. The same… read more

ODEM is Launching a Course Monetization Platform for Educators

ODEM is delivering on its promise to make education more accessible, affordable, transferable and verifiable for students everywhere by providing educators with the ultimate in flexibility for program creation, scheduling, and pricing. Slated for launch in February 2019, the ODEM Platform provides educators with a suite of powerful tools to generate innovative and cost-effective academic… read more

ODEM and Training Education Records

At On-Demand Education Marketplace, helping individuals keep track of a lifetime of learning is a critical part of our mission to make education more accessible, affordable, transferable and verifiable. Among the most important service offerings on our blockchain-based ODEM Platform are Training Education Records (TERs), which are digital certificates to help employees curate a personal… read more

ODEM and the Blockchain in Education West Conference

A remarkable gathering of representatives of U.S. universities, colleges and blockchain companies occurred on Oct. 12 at Microsoft’s Sunnyvale campus in the heart of Silicon Valley. Organized by San Jose’s Evergreen Community College District, the Blockchain in Education West conference brought together a Who’s Who of education administration from across the western U.S. to discuss with leading… read more

ODEM and Peacetones

At On-Demand Education Marketplace, we believe in the power of technology and innovation to make the world a better place. Our sponsorship of PeaceTones, a nonprofit record label for performing artists in the developing world, is an extension of that belief. PeaceTones is working with remarkable local musicians from Haiti to Bangladesh and Timor-Leste to… read more

ODEM and Blockchain Island

It’s less than a month until Malta Prime Minister, Joseph Muscat, officially opens the Malta Blockchain Summit in Valletta, the country’s capital, on Nov. 1. On-Demand Education Marketplace (ODEM) will be represented at this prestigious international gathering of leaders in blockchain and cryptocurrency. ODEM’s Chief Integrator, Johanna Maaghul, Chief Technology Mentor, Dr. Adel ElMessiry, Chief… read more

ODEM Gets Blended Learning

At On-Demand Education Marketplace (ODEM) we’re always open to exploring innovative ways to make higher education more effective. One pathway to improving students’ engagement and knowledge retention is through blended learning, a marriage of in-person teaching with online digital media. In the past I’ve highlighted the limits of pure online education. That being said, I’m… read more