February Newsletter: The Crowdsale is around the corner

The ODEM Crowdsale - Education is more powerful together

The ODEM Crowdsale

With less than two weeks until the start of On-Demand Education Marketplace’s public crowdsale, the pace of Know Your Customer registration is quickening. Anyone interested in acquiring ODEM Tokens must first clear KYC registration to ensure the legitimacy of the sale and ODEM.IO’s ongoing operations.

ODEM.IO’s much-anticipated crowdsale will launch at 9 a.m. Central European Time on Saturday, Feb. 17, 9:00 AM UTC and run until March 18, 9:00 AM UTC. To streamline your participation in the crowdsale, begin your KYC process here.

Join the ODEM Bounty Program

ODEM.IO’s generous bounty program is alive and well, with details available on BitcoinTalk. We’ll be distributing more than one million free tokens to ODEM.IO supporters through the program until the crowdsale ends in March. To stake your claim, join the ODEM.IO conversation on Telegram and share our messaging with your network.

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January Newsletter: Join Us On Telegram and Stake Your ODEM Claim

ODEM Makes Education Relevant to Your Future

It’s 5 weeks and counting until the launch of ODEM.IO’s public crowdsale on Saturday, Feb. 17. As the clock ticks down, On-Demand Education Marketplace is expanding its presence across TelegramBitcoinTalkTwitter and Medium.

Richard Maaghul, ODEM.IO’s chief executive officer, recently highlighted how ODEM.IO is leveraging the Ethereum blockchain and artificial intelligence, why education needs blockchain technology, and how the ODEM.IO platform aims to turn the tide on underemployment.

Share in the ODEM.IO Bounty

Earlier this month we unveiled the ODEM.IO token bounty program on BitcoinTalk. We’re handing out more than two million free tokens to ODEM.IO boosters until March 19. All you have to do to be part of the bonanza is join our conversation on Telegram and share the ODEM.IO message with friends and contacts. Read more

December Newsletter: Happy Holidays from ODEM.IO

Season’s Greetings and welcome to the premier edition of the ODEM.IO newsletter!

We are very pleased to announce the creation of ODEM.IO, a platform for collaborative and transparent connections between educators, educational institutions, and students. More than just a marketplace, ODEM.IO uses blockchain technology to streamline the organization and delivery of short and medium term, on-site academic experiences.

While ODEM.IO is new, our expertise in global educational programs runs deep. ODEM.IO is partnering with Cambridge, Massachusetts-based Excelorators Inc. to build on its five-year track record of bringing international students and executives together with top-tier educators.

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