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Crypto Central: On the table with ODEM CEO, Richard Maaghul

  If we haven’t already answered your questions about ODEM and how we’re using the Blockchain technology to create an education revolution, read this interview of ODEM CEO Richard Maaghul, by Crypto Central. Here are a few of the questions from the interview: Hi Richard, could you briefly talk about your professional background and the… read more

Blockchain Insider: How ODEM is Looking to Transform Global Education

The first interview will spotlight ODEM.io, an education startup that is looking to transform how education is accessed, change costs and intermediaries involved and most importantly help improve a failing educational system. Their goal is to connect students with teachers around the world directly and facilitate tailored learning. At the core of this goal is… read more

Why Education Needs Blockchain Technology

A global education marketplace would reduce barriers to access and allow for personalization of experience Blockchain, the technology that underpins Bitcoin, may be just what the global education industry needs — a fresh approach to improving student access, lowering costs and making course material more relevant in the real world. Some of the world’s sharpest… read more

6 Interesting Blockchain Projects

While the volatile (high risk/high reward) nature of cryptocurrencies is intriguing, I am most interested in the long term implications of decentralized systems. As Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum, reminded the community this past week via tweetstorm: “the total cryptocoin market cap just hit $0.5T today. But have we *earned* it?” Funding and hype… read more

3 Things Entrepreneurs Need to Understand About Blockchain Technology

ODEM, an on-demand education marketplace, has been able to leverage existing relationships to cultivate an active and inspired audience around their upcoming token offering. Started by the founders of Excelorators, an education company with a network over 200 professors, ODEM’s community attracts educators, students, and investors. All three share a common goal of eliminating intermediaries… read more

Keep An Eye On These Blockchain Startups Throughout 2018

…In the nine years that bitcoin came to this world, it went from being a humble startup to a worldwide phenomenon that boasts as many as twelve thousand average transactions per hour. This translates to over 99,000 BTC or 1,492,424,505 USD per hour, with each transaction worth an average 6 BTC. When it comes to… read more

INC. Magazine – 4 Revolutions Made Possible by the Blockchain Economy

These 4 revolutions could only be made possible by the ever-expanding blockchain economy. After 2018, business as we know it will forever be changed (and hopefully for the better). Read the article on Inc.com

How blockchain technology can play an integrative role in developing alternative higher education for the next generation of students

  Since the economic crisis of 2008, more and more families are being confronted with the reality of how unaffordable higher education has become and how difficult it is for today’s students to gain a skill, get a decent job and live a prosperous and productive life. Unfortunately, many parents are unable to muster the… read more

On the ground Feedback on China’s Ban on Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs)

China’s move last month to ban initial coin offerings surprised some cryptocurrency enthusiasts, though some began shifting their digital assets to exchanges outside the mainland as early as the beginning of the year. Expectations in China are that the ban on ICOs will be temporary. It will probably stay in place until the government is… read more