Dr. Michel Girardin, Creator of Top-Rated Business MOOC, Joins ODEM

Dr. Michel Girardin, a consultant and respected lecturer in Macro Economics and Finance at the University of Geneva, is joining On-Demand Education Marketplace, as an educator and strategic advisor. Dr. Girardin managed an Investment Management course for Coursera that has been followed by more than 250,000 students since 2016. He will advise ODEM on the… read more

ODEM Expands Token Wallets; Takes Stage at Malta Summit

ODEM CEO and CTM Speak in Malta ODEM CEO Rich Maaghul and Chief Technology Mentor Dr. Adel ElMessiry will deliver a high-powered presentation Nov. 1 at the Malta Blockchain Summit. The pair will speak about development of the ODEM Platform and ODEM’s Circle of Life approach to education at 4:10 p.m. local time (11:10 a.m…. read more

ODEM to Showcase Platform in Malta

On-Demand Education Marketplace is proud to showcase its groundbreaking ODEM Platform at the upcoming Malta Blockchain Summit on Nov. 1-2 in Valletta, Malta. ODEM, committed to making education more accessible, affordable, portable and verifiable through blockchain technology, is honored to be a Platinum Sponsor at such an exciting time in Malta’s development as a hub for digital… read more

ODEM issues its 1st certificate on the blockchain

ODEM, creator of the On-Demand Education Marketplace, generated its first educational certificate on the Ethereum Blockchain on Sept. 20 at the #Switch! Conference in Vilnius, Lithuania. Creation of the certificate in the name of Antanas Guoga, the Lithuanian representative to the European Parliament, came just moments after ODEM activated its decentralized application ( DApp) on… read more

ODEM’s Rich Maaghul Speaks at #Switch!

Antanas Guoga, Lithuanian representative to the European Parliament and #SWITCH! Conference founder, with ODEM CEO Richard Maaghul and Egle Nemeikstyte, CEO of the Blockchain Centre in Vilnius. ODEM CEO Richard Maaghul will speak tomorrow (Sept. 20) at the #SWITCH! technology-and-education conference in Vilnius, Lithuania. He will kick off the conference’s education program with a keynote… read more

Swiss Roadshow: Crypto Myth-busting

Don’t believe everything you have heard about blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. That was ODEM’s message at public meetups last week in Switzerland. Johanna Maaghul, ODEM’s Chief Integrator, Sahra Brean, ODEM’s CFO, and other ODEM team members spoke in Geneva, Zurich, and Zug (the center of the Crypto Valley) on increasing public awareness of distributed-ledger technology… read more

New Frontiers and New Use Cases

ODEM and Market Volatility Dear ODEM Supporters, You may be aware that August 2018 has not been kind to investors in Ether and other digital currencies. I want to assure you that the current selloff has not diminished my confidence in On-Demand Education Marketplace or the future of the ODEM Token (ODE). Although ODE has… read more

New Use Case Explains Program Staking Education Program Staking

On-Demand Education Marketplace is developing a comprehensive list of use-case animations for its ODEM Platform and the ODEM Token digital currency. This is the first in a series of videos that illustrate the ODEM approach to making education more accessible, affordable and verifiable. At the end of this video you will have a solid understanding… read more

ODEM Leaders Attend Paris Blockchain Conference

ODEM in the City of Lights and Listing ODE on RightBTC ODEM CEO Richard Maaghul, COO Johanna Maaghul, Chief Technology Mentor Dr. Adel ElMessiry, and Chief Token Officer Bill Bayrd were among blockchain-industry luminaries in Paris last week to attend the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference France. Richard and Johanna came away invigorated and inspired by meetings… read more

ODEM Presents at the European Commission’s CONNECT University Conference

  ODEM at the CONNECT University Conference ODEM, creator of the world’s first On-Demand Education Marketplace, was front and center earlier this month at an exclusive gathering in Brussels organized by CONNECT University, an arm of the European Commission. ODEM CEO Richard Maaghul, Chief Technology Mentor Dr. Adel ElMessiry and Chief Academic Strategist Larry Bridgesmith addressed more… read more