Swiss Roadshow: Crypto Myth-busting

Don’t believe everything you have heard about blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. That was ODEM’s message at public meetups last week in Switzerland. Johanna Maaghul, ODEM’s Chief Integrator, Sahra Brean, ODEM’s CFO, and other ODEM team members spoke in Geneva, Zurich, and Zug (the center of the Crypto Valley) on increasing public awareness of distributed-ledger technology and its benefits.

ODEM Events Manager Ethan Staus focused on dispelling common misconceptions about the industry and its foundational technology. Among the targets of his myth-busting:

  • Blockchain is a tool for criminals
  • There is only one blockchain in existence
  • Blockchain is the same as Bitcoin
  • Blockchain’s only use is in cryptocurrencies
  • Blockchain can be used for everything

ODEM is urging other industry leaders to do more to inform the public of the benefits of digital currencies and blockchain technology.

Use Cases

Education Activity Repository (EAR)

ODEM is reinventing the report card, college transcripts and record keeping for professional designations. Using cutting-edge cryptographic technology, the ODEM Platform organizes, catalogs, and securely displays an individual’s lifelong learning achievements on the Education Activity Repository. Learn more about the EAR in this video.

Conferences & Meetups

ODEM leaders are traveling the globe to tell the ODEM story and raise awareness about the ODEM Token. In the coming weeks, they will attend several major blockchain conferences in Europe and Asia. Among event dates, ODEM CEO Richard Maaghul will speak at the SWITCH! Conference in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Conferences and meetups already on the ODEM calendar include:


2018 Date Summit

Malta Blockchain Congress


Look Who's New at ODEM

Katherine Banks, Social Media Manager

Katherine is a seasoned digital marketer with experience in capital raising, education and hospitality. She has collaborated on several award-winning marketing campaigns involving technology and travel. Immersing herself in local cultures is a passion that fuels Kat’s output of innovative concepts and ideas.

Kat, best wishes!

ODEM is Hiring

Solutions Engineer for Token Integration, Location: Nashville, TN

We are seeking a Solutions Engineer for Token Integration to build relationships with ODEM Exchange partners, wallet provider services, and managing existing relationships. They will also file and update ODEM Exchange and wallet integration applications as well as negotiate exchange listing terms, conditions, and agreements.

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Administrative Assistant, Location: Nashville, TN

The Administrative Assistant will coordinate executive communications, including taking calls, responding to emails and interfacing with clients. They will also prepare internal and external corporate documents for team members and industry partners, in addition to scheduling meetings and appointments and managing travel itineraries.

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Community Manager, Location: China, Japan, and Korea 

The Community Manager will develop the global Community Management strategy and work with the Community team to execute content across all social platforms. They will also craft compelling positioning and generate narratives across different channels (Twitter, Facebook,, Reddit, Discord, Telegram, etc.) and match the message to the mediums.

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Graphic Design Intern: San Francisco 

ODEM is looking for a Graphic Design Intern that has proven skills in graphic design, typography, and web-specific work. Your talent will help elevate the ODEM brand in all digital and printed marketing materials.

Our ideal intern has a passion for communicating technology and brand with design. A natural inclination for clean and precise design that has depth and richness is preferred. They will be in touch with the latest web trends. Candidates will be able to design within our established system while helping ODEM to push and expand it.

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