May Newsletter: The ODEM Product Roadmap and Provisional Patent Update

ODEM Product Roadmap

Don’t forget your moon boots! ODEM is pleased to announce the release of our detailed product roadmap and technical whitepaper. We have also filed provisional patents on the heels of the platform’s beta next month. It’s an exciting time at On-Demand Education Marketplace. Get your spot on the rocketship!

ODEM CTL and CIO Share Upcoming Features of the ODEM Platform

Watch CIO, Johanna Maaghul and CTM, Dr. Adel discuss features and benefits of the upcoming ODEM Platform. Join our fireside chat to learn more about the ODEM staking process and how this functionality benefits educators, students, and token holders. Program staking and token architecture are reviewed in detail in ODEM’s recently released technical whitepaper.

ODEM has filed provisional patents on this core technology that provides protection and insurance for education stakeholders. Read more in our press release.

ODEM on Exchanges

ODEM Tokens were listed on Bitfinex and Ethfinex cryptocurrency exchanges last month, significantly boosting ODEM-T’s profile in the crypto community. The listings give investors who were not able to participate in the crowdsale a fresh opportunity to be part of the ODEM story. In the coming weeks, we plan to announce the listing of ODEM-T on other exchanges.

Airdropper on GitHub

ODEM Airdropper on GitHub

The ODEM Dev Team posted our innovative airdropper solution on Github to allow other digital currency projects to use the contract to save time and money. The solution allows for bulk distribution, reducing the number of Ethereum transactions and fees associated with delivering bounties to their rightful owners.

Need More Reasons Buy ODEM Tokens?

Catch up on our latest blog, “Five Top Reasons to HODL ODEM Tokens” and make a lasting investment in your education with ODEM.

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