A Note from ODEM CEO Richard Maaghul

Richard Maaghul - ODEM CEOWelcome to the early access version of the ODEM Platform, our on-demand education marketplace. We want to share with you our approach to opening up a world of learning and how you can be part of it!

Almost 6,000 students have enrolled on the Platform. Through an early preview, we’re already discovering trends in subjects and skills students want to learn to improve their lives and find sustainable employment. More than 1,000 educators have also signed up to teach them.

To kick-start the process, we’ve purposely chosen a select number of programs in trending areas of interest based on our research and current participant interests. Ultimately, however, our goal is to rely on the ODEM community to determine which types of programs are of the greatest value.

Our goal is to bring not only education, but sustainable employment to the ODEM network. We’re already actively working closely with employer partners to achieve this.

An important part of this process will be making sure students can prove they’ve successfully acquired specific knowledge or skills. That’s why we’re also working with existing institutions to offer blockchain-based academic credentials to enable students to own their educational records.

We want to make sure we set the expectation from the beginning to reach maximum success and we’ll need you, our community, to lead the way. We’re excited to see as many students, educators, and employers as possible to do their part to activate the Platform by signing up and getting verified.

For student registration, click here. To register as an educator, click here.