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Shawn Mullet, Ph.D., MBA

After receiving his Ph.D. in the History of Science from Harvard University, where he earned multiple awards for his teaching, Dr. Shawn Mullet went on to obtain an MBA and a Master’s in Finance. After serving as a Teaching Fellow in Harvard’s Government Department, Dr. Mullet became an Assisting Teaching Professor at Northeastern University in Boston, where he taught multiple courses in the Global Studies program. He has taught courses on “Globalization and International Affairs,” “Immigration and Labor,” “Nuclear Proliferation,” and “Global Corporate Social Responsibility.” Dr. Mullet started his own company in 2014 that focuses on helping students from around the world develop the skills they need to succeed in school and life. He has also developed and is currently delivering an innovative course that uses the rise of China as a global power to help learners think deeply about the intersection of international affairs, politics, economics, culture, and history. His mission is to help learners breakdown borders, both in terms of geography and academic disciplines.