The ODEM Platform

Odem Platform

  • A Decentralized Marketplace where educators create and students purchase Real-World education experiences


  • Purchase courses, lectures, and curriculums
  • Submit curriculum to ODEM Educators for bidding
  • Easy payments with the ODEM wallet


  • Submit courses, lectures,and curriculums
  • Participate in curriculum bidding on ODEM
  • Receive commissions via ODEM wallet

ODEM Wallet and Crypto Exchange

  • Flexible Payment and Payout Options
  • Zero transaction fees
  • Smart Contracts
  • Keep Me Informed


ODEM.IO is creating the first of its kind global, decentralized education marketplace to deliver complete end-to-end custom education programs and experiences. On the ODEM platform, anyone can list, discover, and book unique education experiences at an affordable price.

ODEM has identified four key issues which we address:

    1. Unorganized product information spanning multiple platforms complicates students’ evaluation and purchase of education.
    2. Soaring tuition costs, multiple layers of resellers and intermediaries inflate prices.
    3. Top education resources are primarily consumed by global elites.
    4. Professors are not properly incentivized to produce courses that meet changing consumer needs.

The NET Result of all this is an overpriced education market with few choices, a handful of players who hold all the resources, and insufficient choices and direct access to suppliers.

THE ODEM SOLUTION as a decentralized, blockchain-based platform will provide a single, trusted, worldwide network open to all members of education supply chain where any user can create a request, design, or attend an educational event with real-time, transparent financial transactions. The ODEM platform will deliver a platform with key solutions to current industry bottlenecks including:

  1. Know what you are buying
  2. Who you are buying it from
  3. Who is being commissioned
  4. Smart contract-based transactions to deliver payments only when TERMS and CONDITIONS are met.
  5. Instant cross-border payments with no delays or outrageous exchange and transaction fees
  6. Easy-to-use platform for creating, listing and marketing products
  7. Reward incentives to aggregate and retain network members

ODEM’s unique offering will make education more affordable for everyone.

ODEM will partner with its sister company, EXCELORATORS, an industry leader with over five years of experience as one of the premier providers of education services. Excelorators will provide ODEM with the key supply-chain resources including its existing developed client base and business services while working closely with ODEM to revamp the process of engaging buyers, and streamlining fulfillment and delivery of the custom educational programs within the ODEM marketplace.

ODEM expects the early adopters of this platform to be the Chinese education consumer, currently the largest consumer of US-based elite education in the world. And from this rigorous early adoption, ODEM expects to make its platform available quickly to consumers and business buyers worldwide.